a href ( n u l l )

Digital work
2015 - 20XX

Published by ORAUM and presented at FILE 2016 - Electronic Language International Festival (Sao Paoplo, Brazil).

At January 21 2016, as part of a performative act, 100 letters was sent to both random and selected addresses across Denmark. The letters contained a message which contained a web address.

When entering this address, the receiver of the letter would enter the netart-piece a href ( n u l l ), a labyrinth consisting of over 100 pieces of text and images, connected through hyperlinks. Navigating through the structure, the visitor experiences the different textual fragments in a non-linear way.

a href ( n u l l ) investigates how transgressional forms work in the abstract machine. Several objects inhabit the text (the radiator, the trans-plane, the configurator/translocator and the other). They become characters that have sexual relations towards each other in a closed circuit. Among them, another figure lurks, called MISSINGNO., becoming a diagonal in the structure, a virus, setting the whole system on a path to nowhere.

a href ( n u l l ) is an ongoing project, as the website is gradually getting changed, expanded and has its internal structure altered. Furthermore, after January 21, a bunch of letters is still sent out every month to random adresses across Denmark: making the total number of letters to be over 1500 and counting.

Go to the ORAUM website for more info on how to get access to the work.

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