we were waiting for a train
Video, 2017

There is a gun in the exoskeleton of the car. You might be able to get it.

A club owner, a house pianist, a guest at a restaurant and a waiter are having several conversations, talking about a train they were waiting for. In each of these dialogues, we are told by an incident which both has occured and are yet to occur. These scenes, which are all connected in a disruptive narrative, is bound together by plant symphonies.

Video, music and sound production:
Mark Tholander

Voice acting (in order of appearance):
The Pianist: Kevin J. Bond
The Club Owner: Janlyn Williams
The Guest: Sarah Leeanne Spencer
The Waiter: Steve King

Supplementary sound:
Kevin J. Bond

Mark Tholander

Special thanks:
Sophia Ioannou Gjerding
Jens Settergren
Julie Stavad
Martin Kogi
Nat Bloch Gregersen
Lil Wachmann

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